Tracking Changes To An Invoice Using The Transaction Report Feature

Today, companies use different approaches to business promotion, but the most effective is the use of a virtual data room system. In this article, we will consider the transaction report feature of such software.

Virtual data room – a perfect solution for business analytics and reporting

At the moment, the productivity of any business, increasing its efficiency and competitiveness depends on how the company’s management monitors and analyzes all business processes. Within the framework of this question, virtual data room software products are used, which are launched using end-to-end analytics tools, in particular reporting, that can summarize the results of promotion and optimize the business scaling process.

The data room is usually used to store sensitive business data, set tasks, and automate some processes. However, an additional function of the software is to generate reports and the ability for the manager to control the work of subordinates.

 Data room contains, as a rule, the following set of basic functional modules:

  • A business process repository is a unified repository of business process descriptions that ensures the collaboration of all stakeholders.
  • A digital portal is an environment in which users involved in business processes receive and complete their tasks.
  • Tools for analysis and reporting – a system of operational and analytical reporting generated by the current status and results of business processes.

The data room digitale provides specialized solutions, tailored to specific needs, as well as universal, industry-independent, the purpose of which is to maintain, manage and optimize processes in the company. The introduction of the system will allow you to quickly respond to changing external conditions, as well as effectively carry out various activities such as planning and production activities and internal control.

How does it work?

Reports can be generated manually using Excel spreadsheets. But it is much faster to generate a report automatically through a data room system. All possible reports from the data room can be divided into three groups:

  • to evaluate the performance of one or all managers;
  • to evaluate the sales funnel;
  • to optimize the budget.

In the “Summary Report” you can view general information on deals, contacts, and tasks in your account with visualization in the form of a graph. Reports can be filtered by the following parameters: creation date, deal status, responsible manager, additional fields, and deal tags. Filtering in the deal report is possible by the following parameters: creation/closing date, deal status, responsible manager, any custom additional fields and tags.

How to get correct data?

One of the problems that sales managers face when using data room is incorrect data in reports. To increase the transparency of the work of the department, the manager can do the following:

  • pay attention to the beginning of the sales funnel. In the part of the reporting where the beginning of the funnel is indicated, the data is always less correct. This happens if the manager does not qualify the client, that is, does not check it for compliance with the portrait of the target client. As a result, at the beginning of the pipeline, along with the target customers, some do not need the product. These people are eliminated in the process of communication, but they affect the conversion rate;
  • select control points. The manager should have an easy way to look at all the recorded leads. Usually, the moment of hitting the creation of a client card in the data room, the moment of qualification of the client is chosen as control points.